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Our Services

Our Services

Hearing Aid Service Inc

We provide Indiana with hearing aids to meet your needs and your budget. Contact Us today to schedule your appointment.

Hearing aids allow you to:

  • Hear speech more clearly and with less effort in a variety of situations
  • Hear many sounds which were unclear or unheard before
  • Improve communication in social situations

We provide the following:

  • Hearing Aid Sales
  • Hearing Aid Test
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation
  • Hearing Aid Education
  • Hearing Aid Counseling
  • Custom Ear Molds for Hearing Aids and Hearing Protection
  • Hearing Devices for Tinnitis (Ringing of ear) Control

Our hearing aid centers specializes in dealing with hearing loss and adapting to hearing aids is an individual process and each patient is treated with individual hearing care. We understand the difficulties of hearing loss and ringing in the ear and will be there for you each step of the way.