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Union Health Benefit

A Hearing Aid Health Benefit for Members and Insured Spouses

Dear Union Member and Insured Spouse,

Hearing Aid Service, Inc. of Indiana is pleased to announce a total hearing health care plan designed for you the American Union Worker and your insured spouse.

We have a complete comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the type and degree of loss and a live demonstration of the most advanced digital technology available today!

If we find a hearing loss, the plan includes the following: 

For Active and Retired Members

  1. “0” OUT OF POCKET HEARING AIDS (NO COST TO YOU!) Based on insurance paying $700 each min.
  2. Top of the line digital programmable technology. American owned and American Made!
  3. Worry free 1-5 year factory repair warranty (“0” Cost to You!) 
  4. Full 1-5 year loss and damage coverage**
  5. 1-5 year supply of batteries (“0” Cost to You!)
  6. Our hearing protection plan provides you with cleanings, adjustments and all maintenance in our office. FREE-No Cost to You!!

**Deductible amount of $250 each. Covers one right and one left replacement aids during the life of the insurance plan.

*NOTE: Union plans vary. We also have plans for those who have no hearing plan or minimal coverage. Those who have no coverage-the cost of the hearing aids will be $788 each with full benefits as stated above.

Added Benefit for Active Members Only!

If you have a hearing loss, we will evaluate your hearing. And, if you have over 30 DB loss and we dispense hearing aids to you, we will also build you a FREE custom set of medical grade noise blockers to protect your hearing.

Protect your ears from the loud noises while at work or home! (Built with a special filtering system)